Copper Class

Copper in a Class All its Own

Made In The USA

 Copper Class Ribbon Copper is valued by the affluent for its luxurious decorative worth, recognized by science for its electro-thermal and anti-bacterial properties, and admired by the masses for its rich color. There's copper here for you, and it's pure class.

 Copper Class Elite Loop 2 A set of four pure copper napkin rings, each hand-shaped from a thick band into an elite loop form like the one shown above (another view at right), is one example wherein Copper Class fuses both the inherent richness and anti-bacterial aspects of copper into an elite and practical gift that can be appreciated for numerous lifetimes. One set of four, hand-shaped, elite loop Copper Class napkin rings is $49. Double-loop rings and other custom made-for-you or for-your-event designs may also be ordered from Copper Class. At some gatherings, each guest could be permitted to keep their own event-specific hand made Copper Class napkin ring (and in some cases, the guests can afterward opt to order matching rings from Copper Class by referencing the host and date of the gathering at which they received their Copper Class gift item).

If you are interested in Copper Class items; whether you are an individual wanting to place an order, or a business seeking to become a dealer—either way—you are invited to inquire by sending an email to:

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